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November 22, 2010
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Mar-Lynn by MergebyLie Mar-Lynn by MergebyLie
The scanner washed her colour out a little bit.

Name: Mar-Lynn
Age: 27 in human years, actual age unknown
Gender: Maiden
Species: Quollan (Alien)
McGyver: She's an incredibly smart engineer and can make practically anything from virtually nothing. She's one of those types where you can give her some paper clips and a tube-sock and she'll make a bomb.
Data Cube: A gadget she always has with her, when activated its about the size of a Rubix Cube. Within the cube she has an entire garage's worth of tools, which is to say it has just about every tool one could possibly need. Also in the cube is a large taxidermy marlin that one of her former co-workers loaded in there for a laugh. The tools are displayed on a small hologram above the cube before being materialized, and if any tool get's further than fifteen feet from the cube it is automatically 'rephased' to the interior of the cube. When it's held up to her necklace it becomes the small charm so it's easy to carry around.
Beam Pen: A tool made to look like a pen. The pen does has a battery life and any prolonged usage will cause it to die. (Feel free to Murphy's Law the battery, that is 'when it's needed most it will die'). It has several different settings, each one has a different colour:
    - Red - Lazer - used for defense and welding
    - Green - Tractor - can lift extremely heavy objects and move them about. Mar-Lynn generally only uses this when working on a project and having to move heavy sheets of metal, but it could be used to lift anything if she desired.
    - Blue - Diagnostics - It can scan and discern what's wrong with anything ranging from machines, programming errors, to people.
    -White - Light - a flashlight.
    - Invisible - Radio - disrupts basic technological devices such as cell phones. This is usually only used on projects she's working on to get into the programing, or on devices she can use to speak through like megaphones. She can 'hack' into the device and project her own voice out of the speakers.
    - Black - Off

- Her intelligence.
- She can be flexible when necessary.
- Having opposable thumbs on her feet can also allow her to hold more objects (and also walk upside down if she can get a grip on things).

- If her badge is destroyed she'll have no means of communication.
- Outside of her work and machine crafting she's rather clumsy.
- She's physically weak. (She uses her beam pen to lift heavy objects).
- She can only run quickly in short bursts, she quickly looses her breath or simply slows down.
- Despite being a able to build small gadgets quicker under pressure, it still takes her more than a few seconds to build even the simplest of things. (She's only Quollan after all).

Personality: Mar-Lynn has extreme paranoia. She's constantly under the delusion that she's going to die because she's one of the proverbial 'red-shirts' of any galactic cruiser. Loud noises and sudden movements always set her on guard, anything that could potentially be classed as alarming is to her. These sort of things cause adverse reactions in her ranging from fainting or playing dead to violent outbursts.
She can generally fool strangers but just because she seems normal when speaking she's almost always on her guard and looking out for 'suspicious activity' from whoever she's speaking to and everything around her. As such she frequently picks up on details most people miss which has saved her skin on more than one occasion.
As far as relationships go she's equally as likely to turn you down if your a male as a if you're a female because she feels like if anything good happened to her that fate would balance itself out by killing her, or whomever she's interested in. If she feels anyone is getting too close to her she's likely to push them away, and she won't be inconspicuous. She'll be as obvious and flat out running from the person in question.

History: She had signed up on her home-planet to be an engineer on a sort of inter-planitary peace cruiser, having always wanted to be working with mechanics. Being rather scatter-brained outside of anything technological and having since been to so many different planets she could not tell you the name of her home-planet if you asked her. Shortly after joining she was alerted to her life being in emanate danger at all times, after having watched many of her fellow workers join and dying horrible and sometimes gruesome deaths as soon as a week after enlisting. This is where her paranoia began forming.
From the ages of seventeen, when she enlisted to twenty-seven her survival instincts increased exponentially with each mission she was sent on, and each time she returned she praised whatever god would listen for still being alive.
On her last mission she was knocked unconscious and the main-ship left without her thinking her dead, having actually lost her among a slew of bodies and not having bothered to check them all to see if they were alive or not. When she came around she quickly fled the scene, and relaxed for a short time thinking she'd be free of the curse of the red-shirts. She was proven wrong almost immediately and had to find something to remedy her fear.
She heard of the Race of Aleria and decided to sign up, hoping that if she was 'enlisted' in something else fate would count her as off the roster of engineers for the cruiser she was with. If fate doesn't agree with her at least of she does this and survives she'll have proven to herself she's not going to die, right?

- Living
- Fruit and Eucalyptus anything (especially tea and cupcakes)
- Machinery and technology

- Loud noises
- Sudden movements
- Her ife being in danger
- Large bodies of water

-Will fiddle with her necklace when stressed or thinking.
-Under extreme circumstances or stress she might talk to herself out-loud in what seems to be a one sided conversation. If you listen closely you can pick up that the other half of the conversation is being spoken by someone she calls only 'PG'.

Mar-Lynn belongs to me, kthx!
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quite awesum :la:
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Lol yep she is. X3

And thankies! : D
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daughterofthestars Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2010  Professional General Artist
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Because her name is Mar-lynn. Say it out loud. The fish was something a co-worker loaded in her toolbox as a joke and it's a Marlin. Get it?
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Lol yeah I originally didn't want to but figured it looked weird that half of it was updated and half of it wasn't. XD
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